SIPC 2017 (25th October 2017)

Event Information Programme Speakers

Event Information

Future of Manufacturing: Digital Transformation” continues the process of refining manufacturing and evolution into Industrial 4.0.  The new paradigm marks the rise of digital manufacturing where it compasses visualization, manufacturing simulation, ergonomic, human factor analyses and holistic view of product and process design, e.g. data analytics, 3D printing, etc.

The digitization of manufacturing impacts every aspect of operations and the supply chain. Attend this one-day event and hear from the experts how to manage your complex business process from product development to manufacturing. Learn how smart manufacturing technologies drive process improvements, reduce operational costs, and achieve greater efficiencies and productivity as well as creating new and disruptive business model.

Why Attend?

  • Get direct access to automation, IoT and big data technology and expert advice
  • Hear first-hand what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to implementation
  • Make new connections and build relationships with partners and peers
  • Understand the evolution into Industrial Revolution 4.0

Who Should Attend?

  1. SMEs (Singaporeans and Singapore PRs)
  2. Business Owners & CEOs
  3. Business Executives and Engineers
  4. Those who are interested in utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies to streamline design and production, reduce time to market, and build more efficient products and operations.
  5. Those who are in non-manufacturing sector, to understand how Industrial Revolution 4.0 will have an impact in their business.


 8:15 am Arrival of Guests & Registration
 8:55 am Guests to be seated
 9:00 am Welcome Speech by

  • Mr Douglas Foo, President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour

  • Mrs Josephine Teo, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office & Second Minister for Manpower & Second Minister for Home Affairs

Official Opening Ceremony of SIPC 2017 & MSE 2017

Keynote Speech by

  • Dr Armin Bruck, President & Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Pte Ltd, Singapore
 10:15 am  Tea-break
 10:45 am Panel 1 (Theme: Developing the New Mindset & Perspective)

This panel will discuss and focus on the leadership and workforce of enterprises. The value chain of manufacturing has become more digitally integrated than ever before and more so in the future. Business models are changing to the extent that many product owners do not really need to own physical factories or distribution channels nor retail stores. Many products have also gone the digital way and are delivered to customers via the internet, e.g. movies, songs, software and games. Many new physical products are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and digital functions that are welcomed by the customers. As digital content of products grow, how should the current and future workforce respond and what are the new skill-sets needed in manufacturing? In a world whereby manufacturing processes and products are becoming more digital, how are the business leaders/owners addressing the changes? The Singapore Government’s response is the SkillsFuture initiative. Continuous learning and re-skilling are obvious requirements. Are employers, employees and students prepared for the new mindset?

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
  • Prof Chong Tow Chong, Provost, Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore University of Technology & Design)
  • Mr Chee Teck Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Moveon Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Mr Russell Tham, Corporate Vice President, Applied Materials
  • Dr Michael Teng, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Innovation & Productivity Institute (SiPi)
 12:15 pm Lunch
 1:45 pm Panel 2 (Theme: Industrial IOT & Industrial Revolution 4.0)

This panel will discuss and focus on the key technological drivers and trends for the manufacturing sector. The future of manufacturing will see enterprises relying more on digital connectivity, sensors, data-driven decision-making and automation. What are the trends in Industrial Internet-Of-Things/Industrial Revolution 4.0/Smart Manufacturing/Advanced Manufacturing? What are the disruptive innovations in the manufacturing sector? The impact of such technologies on productivity is expected to be high. What are some of the examples to illustrate this point? Do enterprises have a choice not to embrace these technological trends and yet remain competitive or relevant? Is there a place for SMEs in smart/advanced manufacturing?

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Prof Low Teck Seng, Chief Executive Officer, National Research Foundation
  • Dr Ho Chaw Sing, Managing Director, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster
  • Mr Swaroop Balakrishnan, Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations
  • Mr Raimund Klein, Executive Vice President, Siemens
  • Dr Alpesh Patel, Director of Digital Capability Centre, McKinsey Innovation Campus
 3:15 pm Tea-break
3:30 pm Panel 3 (Theme: Digital Transformation: Plans & Solutions)

This panel will discuss and focus on the plans and implementation of solutions for digital transformation. The Committee on Future Economy report and the 23 Industry Transformation Maps are useful references to chart the pathway. But successful implementation is key. Given the trends and the disruptions at play in the manufacturing sector, how do enterprises make the necessary decisions to transform? What are the assistance and solutions available for them, especially the SMEs? How will cybersecurity issues impact the pace of digital transformation and what are the strategies to mitigate the impact?

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Mr Saw Ken Wye, Chief Executive Officer, CrimsonLogic
  • Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive Officer, Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)
  • Prof Tan Sze Wee, Executive Director of A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Council (SERC)
  • Ms Fong Pin Fen, Director of Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Mr Brandon Lee, Chairman SMF-Smart Automation Industry Group; Country Manager, ATS Applied Tech Systems
  • Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office Of Singapore
 5:00 pm End

Note: The programme is updated as of 10 July 2017, subject to changes.


  Dr Armin Bruck (SIEMENS)

As the Regional CEO of Siemens, Dr. Bruck oversees the company’s operations in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. He was previously the CEO of Siemens Ltd. in India and concurrently the CEO of Siemens Cluster South Asia, which comprises Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. During his time in India, he was an active member of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and was elected to serve as its president in 2013.

Prior to that, Dr. Bruck was based in Germany with Siemens’ Power Transmission and Distribution Division, first as the President of the Energy Management Business Unit and then as CEO of the Energy Automation Business Unit, covering more than 100 countries.

Dr Alpesh Patel

Dr Alpesh Patel is an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and the Director of McKinsey Innovation Campus (MIC) in Singapore. As consultant he has extensive experience in motorsports, automotive, logistics, as well as in assessing economic impact of projects at country levels. He also holds a L2 certification in Operations – Manufacturing, with focus on Industry 4.0.

At McKinsey, in partnership with the Singapore government, the MIC drives the development of intellectual property by bringing together global experts in a collaborative setting. As the leader of the MIC, Alpesh collaborates with colleagues to pursue cutting-edge insights in key topics, such as digital, design thinking and advanced analytics.

He personally leads the Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Singapore, which has 3 missions:

–Showcase how to articulate Industry 4.0 in procurement, supply chain and manufacturing on a real-life company example

–Serve as testbed for pre-pilots

–Build capabilities at scale on Industry 4.0 topics.

Alpesh is also well connected with many technology startups in the Silicon Valley, some of which are featuring at the DCC.

His client engagement experience includes:

–Outfitting productivity improvement program for an EPC in the offshore oil and gas sector, looking at streamlining interactions between design and production, activity scheduling, and shop-floor productivity

–Joint-venture partnership project for a global OEM looking for an ASEAN partner, focusing on product development, manufacturing footprint and sourcing localization

–Operations transformation program for a global container shipping company, focused on bunker saving levers, including port productivity improvement to reduce vessel turnaround time.

–Operations diagnostics for a series of gateway and domestic ports in South-East Asia

Before working for McKinsey & Company, Alpesh worked during 7 years in Italy for the Ferrari Formula One Team as Senior Aerodynamicist, developing of key areas of the F1 car and transferring know-how to the firm’s road car product development division.

Alpesh holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is a native French speaker and is fluent in English and Italian

  Dr Ho Chaw Sing (NAMIC)

Dr Ho Chaw Sing, Managing Director of NAMIC, heads the Singapore government funded initiative to catalyse innovation and adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies in the industry. By focusing on application-driven translation R&D together with commercialisation strategies to co-create innovative products, processes and services, the pan-national initiative aims to position Singapore as a global leader in AM technology, securing Singapore’s future in the era of digital manufacturing.

Before joining the public sector, Chaw Sing headed the IP Technology and Innovation at HP Singapore, Printing and Personal Systems Group, where he oversaw technology partner relationships, IP strategy, and strategic innovation initiatives for the Supplies Business. Prior to this, he was the global head for Consumer Inkjet Supplies Business operations, overseeing internal manufacturing, outsourced operations and product innovation. Chaw Sing started his career and spent a decade in Chartered Semiconductor and Global foundries, where he undertook various leadership executive roles in technology development and engineering operations.

Chaw Sing is a National University of Singapore alumnus, where he obtained his Bachelors (Honours) and Doctorate degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is the inventor/co-inventor of 47 US/international patents and has authored/co-authored 16 papers. He is a mentor to a number of start-ups in the digital and health science space. In his free time, he loves sports and movies, and spending time with his family.

  Mr Brandon Lee (ATS)

Brandon is the Country Manager for ATS Applied Tech Systems.  He hold concurrently the Chair of Singapore Manufacturing Federation Smart Automation Industry Group and the APAC Chair for MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association).  Currently he is leading a national effort titled “Manufacturing Transformation Initiatives” to bring various stake holders together to jointly advocate industry 4.0 transformation towards higher value chain

Brandon has passion to bring best practices to the industries to help them embracing these practices as the new DNA for success.  He is knowledgeable in the manufacturing management practices and is well-trained in the Operation Research field.  He is actively advocating the latest best practices for digital manufacturing.

  Mr Chee Teck Lee (Moveon)

Chee Teck Lee is the CEO of Moveon Technologies Pte. Ltd., a company dedicated to providing optics & optoelectronics solutions to a wide diversity of industries.

He received his MSc in Materials Engineering from Loughborough University, U.K. after graduating from Singapore Polytechnics with an Advanced Diploma in Polymer Science.

Mr Chee was also the Executive Director of Unisteel Technology Ltd. (2006-2009) and the founder of Valen Technologies Pte Ltd (1999-2005).

Prior to this, Mr. Chee was involved in a number of senior management and engineering positions, both in multi-national corporations and local SMEs. He has more than 30 years of experience related to precision manufacturing.

  Mr Ng Cher Pong – (SSG)

Mr Ng Cher Pong is the Chief Executive of the newly-created SkillsFuture Singapore since 3 October 2016 and also concurrently holds the appointment as Deputy Secretary (SkillsFuture) in the Ministry of Education.

He is responsible for driving the implementation of the national skills strategy known as SkillsFuture, in order to enhance the employability and competitiveness of Singapore’s workforce.

  Mr Raimund Klein – ( SIEMENS )

Mr Raimund Klein is the ASEAN Division Lead for Digital Factory / Process Industries and Drives (DF / PD) since May 2010. He is in charge of the business operations in ASEAN, overseeing sales, product management, logistics, order processing, engineering and customer service. Under his leadership, DF / PD developed and introduced a unique Asian Modular Sales Approach which helped to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness, and grew the business by 20% per business year in a highly competitive market.

In 2016, Mr Raimund Klein has introduced ZerOne.DesIgn™ Manufacturing Design engagement model, making Siemens the first technology player to offer Digital Arcitectures to support manufacturers in their roadmap towards Industry 4.0 transformation. In the same year, he also launched the MindSphereTM – Siemens open IoT cloud operating system in Singapore, making it the first operational country in Southeast Asia for data design and analytics. In 2017, he created Digitalization Hub Industry 4.0, Digital Services – Remote Analytics Hub with Internet based engineering and symmetric / asymmetric Data Services and SWYFTTM as a customer-centric approach and service internet platform for service providers and end users.

Prior to his operational responsibilities for ASEAN, Raimund served as the General Manager for Siemens Automation and Drives in Taiwan from 2004 to 2010. He has extensive experience in sales, product pricing, service and customer support; and had also held International Business Development positions in Germany and the UK.

Raimund also serves as advisor of Future of Singapore in the manufacturing committee. 

  Mr Russell Tham – (APPLIED MATERIALS)

Russell Tham is President of Applied Materials (South East Asia) where he leads the company’s infrastructure and strategy in the region. Concurrently, he heads the SEA Global Field group where he oversees the regional business and has corporate business development responsibilities for new growth markets.

Russell serves as vice chairman on the SEMI Southeast Asia Regional Advisory Board and is a member of the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) Advisory Board. In 2015, he led the development of the Singapore Semiconductor Vision 2020, a private public taskforce to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore’s semiconductors industry.

Russell is a member on the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) Board and serves on the Temasek Polytechnic Board of Governors. He was also part of the 30-member Committee on the Future Economy (CFE).

Russell is an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. He also chairs various community committees in the Tampines and North East Districts.

  Mr Saw Ken Wye – (CrimsonLogic)

CrimsonLogic is an IT company that provides solutions in Single Window/Trade Facilitation, eJudiciary, Cyber Security and Digital Government domains.

As CEO, Ken Wye focuses on managing and sustaining business growth for the company.  He is also responsible for leading the business teams in growing customer relationships and sales in regions such as Asia, Middle East, Africa, the Americas, as well as developing new market opportunities in the rest of the world.

Prior to joining CrimsonLogic in 2013, Ken Wye was Microsoft’s Vice President for Public Sector (Asia), responsible for the company’s business with Governments and Government organizations across Asia.  He worked in Microsoft for nearly 16 years and started his IT career with the National Computer Board (NCB) in 1983. 

  Mr Tan Kiat How – (IMDA)

Mr Tan was appointed Chief Executive of the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Commissioner of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) in Jan 2017.

Prior to joining IMDA, Mr Tan was the Deputy Secretary (Cyber and Technology) at the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), where he was involved in refining the national cybersecurity strategy with the Cyber Security Agency (CSA).

Mr Tan was also previously from the former Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), where he helped to develop the Intelligent Nation 2015 plan and implemented the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. He also served at the Ministry of Finance and the Pioneer Generation Office.

Mr Tan graduated from Stanford University with an M.Sc in Management and was a Mason Fellow at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. He also has a B.A. in Computer Engineering and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Illinois, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Mr Tan currently sits on the boards of Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and Land Transport Authority (LTA).

  Mr Swaroop Balakrishnan – (BOSCH)

As the Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific at Bosch Software Innovations, the software division of the Bosch Group, Swaroop leads the Asia Pacific team directed at helping companies adopt IoT solutions using Bosch IoT Suite in the Manufacturing, Mobility, Energy and other verticals. Swaroop has been involved with digital solutions globally and has had an opportunity to work with leading companies around the world.

Swaroop brings with him more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and engineering for a wide range of products and services in both process and discrete industries. Prior to joining Bosch Software Innovations, Swaroop was the Director – Information Solutions, Asia Pacific at Rockwell Automation. Prior to Rockwell Automation, Swaroop held various positions with GE Intelligent Platforms, including Professional Services Lead – India, Director Solutions – Asia, and Regional Manager SEA. In addition, Swaroop has worked at Mukund Steel, where he was leading the Process Computerization. He began his career as a Design Engineer for Libra Industries (now Mettler Toledo India).

Swaroop earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

  Ms Fong Pin Fen – (EDB)

Fong Pin Fen is the Director of the Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions Group in the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). She oversees the promotion and development of new business and investment opportunities in Engineering Services, Controls and Automation and Building Solutions sectors in Singapore.

She joined EDB in 2004. She was based in Shanghai as the Regional Vice President for EDB’s Greater China Operations from 2011 to 2014. Prior to that, she was Head of Electronics, overseeing the promotion and development of the Semiconductor industry in Singapore and Head of EDB China Desk Operations. 

  Prof. Tan Sze Wee – ( A*Star)

Professor Tan Sze Wee is currently the Executive Director of A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Council (SERC). He joined A*STAR in 2009 as Programme Director of the Medical Technology Initiative in SERC, and was promoted to Deputy Executive Director of the Biomedical Research Council. He has been instrumental in developing cross-cutting programmes at A*STAR, including the Thematic Research and the Joint Laboratories programme. He has paved the way for partnerships between A*STAR and MNCs like GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, P&G , and Nestle.

Prof Tan is Adjunct Professor at Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore. He is also Chairman of the Singapore Stanford Biodesign Steering Committee, and member of the steering committee of Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore.

Prof Tan was the former Managing Director and CEO of Rockeby Biomed Ltd., and Asia-Pacific Associate Regional Medical Director for Mead Johnson Nutritionals. He was a former nominated Member of Parliament, and is currently an Adjunct Professor at NTU and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, among other institutes of higher education.

Prof Tan serves as Chairman of the Singapore Stanford Biodesign Steering Committee and the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore’s executive committee. He is a member of the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore; Consumer Association of Singapore; Singapore Technologies Engineering Med-Tech Science and Business Advisory Board; Singapore Maritime Institute; Singapore Medical Association; MND Inter-Ministry Food Security Committee; and Procter & Gamble’s Corporate Technology Platform Scientific Advisory Board. Prof Tan also volunteers his time as treasurer of his local YMCA chapter.

Prof Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine in Surgery from the National University of Singapore, and a Master of Business Administration from Warwick University, UK. He is a registered medical practitioner with the Singapore Medical and Hong Kong Medical Councils.

  Prof. Chong Tow Chong (SUTD)

As SUTD’s founding Provost, Prof Chong Tow Chong plays an instrumental role in steering the strategic development and operationalisation of SUTD. Prior to his current appointment, Prof Chong has a 15 year career in A*STAR as Executive Director of the Science and Engineering Research Council and Data Storage Institute. He also has a 30 year academic career with the National University Singapore as Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prof Chong received numerous awards such as the President’s Science and Technology Medal, the Public Administration Medal (Silver), the IES/IEEE Joint Medal of Excellence Award 2013 and the ASME ISPS Division Leadership in Research and Development Award.

  Professor Low Teck Seng – (NRF)

Professor Low Teck Seng is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore.  He was previously the Managing Director of A*STAR (2010 – 2012).  Professor Low was also the founding principal of Republic Polytechnic (2002 – 2008), as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in the National University of Singapore (1998 – 2000).  He was the founding Executive Director of A*STAR’s Data Storage Institute (1992 – 1998).

Professor Low was awarded the National Science and Technology Medal in 2004 – the highest honour bestowed on an individual who has played a strategic role in the development of Singapore through the promotion and management of R&D.  He was also awarded the Public Administration Medal (Gold) in 2007 for his merit and service to Singapore.  Professor Low is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) and an International Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK.

  Mr Daren Tang – (IPOS)

Mr Daren Tang has been the Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) since November 2015. Under his leadership, IPOS has evolved into a key innovation agency that helps drive Singapore’s future growth. Some of the initiatives under his charge includes the recent updates to Singapore’s IP Hub Master Plan to focus on IP commercialization and the establishment of a one-billion dollar Makara Innovation Fund to help innovative companies scale up and compete globally.

Mr Tang holds key positions in several IP and innovation-related committees. He is the Chairperson of the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights. He chaired the IP negotiations in the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements. He also sits on the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Strategy Committee, under the Prime Minister’s Office.

Conferred the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2016, Mr Tang holds an LL.B (2nd Upper, Hons) from the National University of Singapore and an LL.M (with distinction) from the Georgetown University Law Centre where he was a Fellow of the Institute of International Economic Law. He also attended the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School in 2013.